[Coco] The Hobbit ported to 6809 (Dragon64 and coCo2 64k) - ENDED!

Arthur Flexser flexser at fiu.edu
Tue Aug 30 06:03:54 EDT 2016

If the speed of loading the images slows down the game a lot, you might
consider a version for the CoCo 3 only that stores the images in the extra
memory that's not normally mapped in.  Depending on the amount of memory
the images take up, this might require 512K, but perhaps 128K would be
doable.  You could perhaps use an existing Ramdisk program, which there
were a number of available for the CoCo 3, if you wanted to retain a
structure where the images have filenames, rather than just memory


On Tue, Aug 30, 2016 at 4:06 AM, Pere <psergm at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> The Hobbit was ported for the Dragon/Tano in mind only, and as the number
> of images increased a lot, I decided to use a 360k disk, exactly 1441
> sectors
> because we add one header sector. The CoCo-SDC accepts VDK files with
> header and this version works well there too.
> As soon as I began the port to CoCo2 I had to use Exomizer2 to compress the
> images and with the last few additions the images didn't fit into a 35
> track disk
> so I used a 40 track disk (bad idea!). It works but requires to 'POKE' the
> DOS1.1
> using the data from Super Extended Basic (unravelled series)
> The only other poke is POKE&HFFB1,&H36 to ensure that in text mode the
> yellow
> color apears too (before it was changed to red)
> Yesterday, I made some tests with both my CoCo3 and XRoar-Becker port and
> Drivewire4 and had problems reading the 40 track disk (final sectors)
> Clearly HDB-DOS or SDC-DOS are not exactly the RS-DOS1.1 that the program
> patches ...
> So, I have been thinking of schrinking a bit more some screens so that all
> of them fit into a 35 std disk. This will allow me to 'delete' the DOS
> patch
> and working with two standard 35 tracks disk should have to work even from
> any DriveWire server
> Just give me a bit of time to search for the images that could be
> 'modified' so
> that when exomized they fit into a granule instead of into two. There are
> some of them in the limit of that 50%.
> If I can do that, then I will upload a new (more reliable) version.
> By the way, my CoCo3 with twin drives worked perfectly at double speed, but
> this cannot be guaranteed, so in the version I lhave right now, there are:
> H1X.BIN (single speed), H2X.BIN (double speed, no surprise) and finally
> HIMG.BIN that switches to 2x only when loading images to PMODE4
> The SDC seems to have no problems at double speed.
> Sorry, I was forgetting the last question:
> I use DW4 server v4.3.4e
> cheers
> pere
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> Not sure...probably a better question for Aaron.
> It does seem to be a 1441 sector image...which means it is probably a 80
> track image PLUS one chunk as a header. BTW: This is probably not readable
> in BASIC from drivewire, unless drivewire suppports vdk images...BUT I have
> loaded some pretty weird sized files in drivewire.
> begs to question: Pere: which flavor/ version of DW server did you test
> this on?  And Stephen: what version/flavor of DW are your running?
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