[Coco] The Hobbit ported to 6809 (Dragon64 and coCo2 64k)

Barry Nelson barry.nelson at amobiledevice.com
Sun Aug 21 21:11:37 EDT 2016

Does anyone know a way of telling a CoCo 2 from a CoCo 1?

> Pere psergm at gmail.com 
> Sun Aug 21 18:54:38 EDT 2016
> Hi Brett,
> thanks a lot for that pointer.
> I have found that $FFFF contains $1B on a CoCo3, $B4 for a Dragon/Tano and 
> $27 on a CoCo2
> Probably this could be a good 'signature' to look for ...
> I will try to add the changes proposed by Art and this one tomorrow
> I'd love to have a single binary working on the Tano/Dragon64, CoCo2 and 
> CoCo3
> despite the RAM constraints that suffers this project.
> cheers
> pere

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