[Coco] Pop*Star Pilot available for pre-purchase

Francis Swygert farna at att.net
Sun Aug 21 10:14:34 EDT 2016

The main purpose of not allowing "Friends and Family" for a business is to prevent someone regularly engaged in business from paying the fees. Anyone engaged in business on here may have a "flurry of business" for a few months.... selling 10-20 copies of something then dwindle to nothing or an occasional sale. Nothing PayPal will be concerned about. If it goes on with 5-10 sales a day for months they might take notice and send a warning or suspend you from getting F&F payments. I could only wish you that much success! 

I typically use my PayPal balance when sending, not a credit card. Unless my PP account gets over $500 I just "let it ride" until I need something and can use it. 
Frank Swygert
 Fix-It-Frank Handyman Service

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