[Coco] Private: Re: Pop*Star Pilot available for pre-purchase

Mark Marlette mmarlette at frontiernet.net
Sat Aug 20 09:51:50 EDT 2016



Thanks Mark.

  And to give you a plug...

My game was developed on my CoCo3 with your Triad 512 RAM board installed.

Never missed a beat and the whole system ran nice and cool.

If anyone wants to buy my game and doesn't have 512K RAM installed in 
their CoCo3, I highly recommend Mark's Triad board.

"As tested with Pop*Star Pilot Development"    :)
Thanks for the plug!!!!  

I am glad it worked out for you and allowed you to deliver on another one of your COOL products!!!  
Mark Marlette  
mark at cloud9tech.com 

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