[Coco] seeking some help

Richard Hawk rhawk1 at centurylink.net
Sat Dec 26 17:37:48 EST 2015

When I start vcc up I have the hard drive image in and it boots up to a blue
screen with 5 options

I hit option 5 and it boots up into nitr0s-9 no problem

I read I just need to type desk and deskmate will run,  but it doesn't 


I got this from the VCEmuDisk



Nitros-9 Partition


Miscellaneous source code in the SOURCES directory.

OS-9 RiBBS in the ARCS directory.

Assorted graphics in the GRFX directory, and software to view them.

Assorted sound files in the SOUNDS directory, and the play command to play

Umuse3 midi music player (load drivewire_mods, cd to /dd/music/some_folder
and run umuse3 to start)

Burke & Burke RSB (run rsb to start)

Multi View (run gshell to start)

Desk Mate 3 (run desk to start)

The OS9 C compiler and Pascal are also installed as well as many things not
listed here.


Loadable driver packs: (these load drivers for additional devices, use load
pack name) to use


printer_mods (for using the /p bit banger printer port)

vdisk_mods (add /v0 to allow access to DECB virtual drive 255, use dmode /v0
stp=# to change 255 to another drive number)

ide_ff60_mods (allows use of the virtual Glenside IDE interface at address
FF60 so that it does not conflict with EmuDisk, this allows two addition
hard disk images to be mounted on devices /i0 and /i1)

The clock module is setup to set the time automatically from VCC and is Y2K


I also cant get Burke &Burk rsb to start either


I cd/apps and desk is there and I cd/cmds its there just error deskmate
error if retries fail, try reboot press any key to retry press [break] to
abort I am not good at 0s9 and I have .dsk image that work but I would like
to use the hard drive more space and I would like to use nitrOS because of
the correct time and date and I like the concept of not switching disk


Can you please help me.  I would like to know if you can print from it to a
file or printer also


And how do I load the drivewire drivers or start the drivewire from the vcc
none of the dw commands work


Richard Hawk




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