[Coco] OS9 Level I - Clock issue?

Rogelio Perea os9dude at gmail.com
Sat Dec 26 09:35:56 EST 2015

Been playing around with DL Logo. Two days ago I left the CLOCK program
running 24x7 on my F Board CoCo 1 (OS 9 Level 1 v2) just for kicks, come
December 25's morning and I see that the date noted on the clock face
screen is one day ahead, Dec 26 - the time is correct.

Thinking it was an issue with the LOCO program I checked on the code and
found that all it does is read the system clock and use that data to draw
the clock hands and print the time/date on top; went in and run DATE T to
find out the system time had flipped one day ahead, hence the LOGO readout
on screen.

Yesterday I fired up my CoCo 3 (stock OS9 L2) and across midnight it kept
the proper dates between days (Dec 25/Dec 26), the CoCo 1 OS9 L1 (which I
reset to the correct date yesterday) did it's thing of jumping one further
day ahead.

Don't recall any of this being noted in any OS9 discussion I've ever come
across, though I could have missed it as I got in late to the Level 1 game
(late 90's). The IDENT on my Level 1 CLOCK reveals (among other things):

Module Size: $017B #379
Module CRC: $7FD233 (Good)
Edition: $05 #5

Am I running an outdated CLOCK module here? (newer edition available?). I
mean, if it is at all the CLOCK module the one at fault...

-- RP

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