[Coco] Another MC-10 Port--Now on Coco and Dragon

Jim Gerrie jimgerrie at ns.sympatico.ca
Fri Dec 25 22:12:21 EST 2015


I've ported the code to Coco and Dragon of the puzzle game "Fruit Panic"
that I recently ported from the NEC PC-6001 to the MC-10.  It's on my
JGGAMES10.DSK in my zip compilation, which can be found here:


There is also a version for the Dragon 32/64:


The file is called "FPANIC." Since the game runs in Semigraphics 6 mode, it
can only be run on the Coco 2 (and under) and Dragon.  There are sixteen
puzzles in all.  Also, you can design your own puzzles and save them to
tape.  The main commands are:

1 Make (new puzzles)

2 Cont (continue a specific puzzle)

3 Load (edited puzzles)

4 Save (edited puzzles)

If you complete all 16 you are treated to some music and an interesting
message that was secretly encoded in the original NEC version (and is still
a little baffling for native English speakers, I think.)

Any feedback welcome.  Merry Christmas Cocoers!

Jim Gerrie


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