[Coco] Another MC-10 Port

Jim Gerrie jimgerrie at ns.sympatico.ca
Thu Dec 24 00:05:58 EST 2015

Re: Another MC-10 Port (Marcelo Cannella)




I'm glad to hear you might be getting an MC-10.  Until you do, you can find
the Virtual MC-10 Emulator here (vmc10.exe):


All my programs are in the JimG directory of the Cassette directory, if you
should like to preview them.


I've just put a new version of "Fruit Panic" up.  Now if you use the save
function, it will remember your highest maze solved. So now you can use the
SAVE and LOAD features not just to save and load edits to the mazes (i.e.
after using the MAKE function), but just to save the highest maze # you
achieve.  Then just use the CONT function to move straight there after a

After selecting the 2CONT function, use the arrow keys to change the maze
number and then hit Enter...


Any feedback welcome. Especially suggestions for which of my latest games I
should port to the Coco and Dragon.  Full list here, newest at the bottom:



I'm definitely going to do Fruit Panic.  but if there are any others let me


Jim G.




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