[Coco] "I had a Dream".

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I never got to the point of "running the show".

Luis stopped because he was unsure of what to do so did little.

I do not wish to act directly on the MM FTP CoCo site and am suggesting the "workers" do operations on a local snapshot both to include their knowledge allowing for me not to do bad things and also tracking what was done.

One of the workers has got to the point that I need to make a PM request to Dennis, not everything should be done in public.

And Windows Mail is losing some of the mail that I need.

Once the tarball is removed from archive.org a different project needs to be done to post a different archive both to make it available and learn the methods of putting files in the boneyard. Information in that archive will help with the MM CoCo project.

I consider two (2) years to be too short for everything to be done. A librarian to send and receive messages would help. Read the "Mythical Man Month".


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> Stephen,
> My memory has apparently failed me. I recalled that Luis was in charge of the
> team (he and I corresponded in English), but apparently you were running the
> show. I sincerely apologize for forgetting this.
> Your DSL should allow you to execute regular FTP commands, no? Renaming the
> files is sufficient to move them where they belong. And as part of the
> renaming, you could add indicator codes (such as [CHECK!]) to the filenames to
> show that these were not yet validated (or whatever you and Luis did earlier).
> At their leisure, others could check them and the indicator could be removed.
> That way, no download/upload is necessary for you.
> As for hard links, I had NO idea people were linking to individual files or
> directories on the FTP site. That's a really bad idea! All the names have
> always been in flux, except for ftp://maltedmedia.com/coco/ itself.
> I leave your original message below for others to consider.
> (PS: Forgetting who was working on this, I reset the password.)
> Dennis
> On Tue, December 22, 2015 1:37 pm, Stephen H. Fischer wrote:
>> I have determined tentatively that there are only two (2) files added since
>> the snapshot in Feb. 2015.
>> My plan, which may fail due to no "workers" following my instructions
>> available, is to move the files under my "orders" first to new folders, then
>> move those folders to the partially prepared folders that Luis created and
>> then to the final places. Using the snapshot only.
>> New uploads will not occur to MM until the new snapshot is finished and
>> downloads will be frozen at one point, perhaps forever as MM has no download
>> limits. It will remain for files that we wish to keep that should not be
>> available for download. Let archive.org handle the load.
>> That was my plan at one time with Luis but I never started because he cannot
>> read English but Spanish only. Then I grew very unhappy with his programming
>> and then stepped communicating with him.
>> My DSL line speeds posted in a message before precluded my doing the
>> operations directly.
>> The new image would be posted on archive.org first for those "I want it ALL",
>> "I want it NOW", and at "four times light speed" which is in progress with the
>> bad copy.
>> It would be impossible to meet all the requirements of Dennis and others in
>> the final cleanup. All hard links will be broken!
>> If there are no workers, then I will have no part.
>> I could do the job alone given a snapshot on a Segate 1TB USB drive which I
>> have two so far, but then the "Workers" will not be part of the process
>> checking my instructions, asking questions and making suggestions.
>> Bill has said he is too busy, others have said they would and nothing happened
>> and no one has stepped up with the knowledge that I have. (I am over
>> qualified.)
>> I would be just as happy continuing watching B&W TV from 1950.
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