[Coco] "I had a Dream".

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A better plan is to do some work on the files so the other archive.org tools for the bone ward can be used. It is not set up for single 72 GB files.

0. Perhaps ask that MM CoCo Downloads be turned off except on a password basis.

1. Accept a leader. MOST IMPORTANT! We need a leader to tell Dennis what we are doing and to insure that members do not abuse MM in doing this mirror and the recessing checking.

2. get a safe copy so it can be split up like Bill has suggested.

3. Check and see if it is what we think and the snapshot date so we can track additions after that date.

4. find out who did the download from MM and ban them from MM and the CoCo list forever. That activity "May" be the reason that Dennis complained about people trying to download the entire MM CoCo site.

5. Start a new archive.org with a better organization and add the files to it, purging "The invisible man?" files as needed

6. Produce copies using the tool I have to allow DECB files be found and duplicates removed.

Do not download files from MM CoCo or upload any files except upon direction of the leader.

That will cause us much more trouble with Dennis.


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> Maybe someone should put the file up as a torrent to speed up downloading 
> it?
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