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Sun Dec 13 22:18:15 EST 2015

I guess I just haven’t used anything but Verilog and VHDL with Quartus.  
And only with FPGAs.  But yes, it seems like every manufacturer’s tools
support just about everything.

Does Altera have any 5v tolerant CPLDs in production?  It was my impression they didn’t.
Of course it’s not a real big deal, but it’s certainly handy when using them with old 5v logic.

I should probably give some Altera CPLDs a try.

Speaking of different manufacturers, the Lattice Semiconductor MachXO2 FPGAs look interesting.
Small FPGAs with the configuration memory built in, kind of bridging the gap between CPLDs 
and full-blown FPGA devices.  Could be convenient when a CPLD is almost, but not quite

- Ed

> On Dec 13, 2015, at 8:30 PM, Mark McDougall <msmcdoug at iinet.net.au> wrote:

> But in all seriousness, I have actually used _both_ Altera and Xilinx devices and tools for my work, and definitely have a preference for the former in terms of both silicon and tools. Not sure if Ed is implying that you can't do top level schematic in Quartus - or whether he simply prefers the schematic entry of ISE - but it is of course possible. It's just not my personal preference to do so.

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