[Coco] Homebrew CoCo Games

farna at amc-mag.com farna at amc-mag.com
Sun Dec 13 10:03:34 EST 2015

>From Nick Marentes:
The audio from the sound chip is routed back into the CoCo via the SND
IN pin of the cartidge edge connector and mixed in with the CoCo
generated sound  to be played together via the monitor (mixed with
composite video or the RGB audio out).

A seperate audio jack is only necessary if the audio we want to hear is
stereo and that depends if the sound chip chosen has a stereo output. A
chip like the GI AY is only mono.


I was thinking that with a sound output jack it might be easier to get the
sound out as the CoCo would have to do nothing but queue the sound chip.
The sound chip could almost be run independently of the Coco. Well, some
sound chips. Just feed data and let it go. I guess I'm getting way ahead
of the original idea.

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