[Coco] Special coding in WAR

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Sat Jul 2 09:56:21 EDT 2022

An author of games for Tandy, James Garon, put some lines in the Basic game WAR which is on colorcomputerarchive.com . The code is in lines 60000 and up which can't be LISTed with a CoCo3 but can be read with a CoCo2. 
The lines in question contain PRINT commands which when listed with a CoCo2, look like the data inside the quotes have been converted into Basic commands. You can also see this if you use imgtool or wimgtool to extract the program from the .dsk image. 
These lines generate PMODE graphics for the title screen. Do anyone have a clue as to how these Basic lines work?

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