[Coco] new AGD converted games - Pack#48

Pere Serrat psergm at gmail.com
Fri Jan 28 04:54:36 EST 2022

friday again, so time to upload a new pack!
This is pack #48 of AGD converted games. It comes with these new games
Robot Santa by Simon D. Lee (C)2014
Robotic City by Tisha,Gemma,Emma (Bearsden) (C)2021
Somewhere in Hell by Packobilly (C)2021
Stars - Gumi by kas29 (C)2015
The adventures of SideFaceMan by Lindsey (Bearsden) (C)2021
The Last escape by Ariel Endaraues (C)2021
Kees van Oss & Pere Serrat
Ps. These are the links to the pages where you could download the games 
and have a look at some screenshots

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