[Coco] SuperSprite-FM+ AGD converted games - Pack#01

Pere Serrat psergm at gmail.com
Thu Feb 10 06:42:53 EST 2022


 From time to time I plan to be uploading/publishing small packs (2 to 6 

with AGD converted games that work on SuperSprite-FM+ module by John 

This is pack #01 and it comes with these games

Bean Brothers by Dave Hughes (C)2018

Circuitry by John Blythe (C)2017

Diamond Geezer by TommyGun (C)2013

Foggy's Quest by John Blythe (C)2017

Meteormania by Allan Turvey (C)2018

Robot, the Impossible Mission by Simon Ferré (C)2019


Pere Serrat

Ps. These games will work on any CoCo-Dragon with 32K and John 
Whitworth's module, but you can use them
in the MAME emulating any of these machines ...
These are the links to the pages where you could download the games and 
have a look at some screenshots



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