[Coco] RGBtoHDMI

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I didn't see these links mentioned from the Wiki of the project on page: 


The Retro Hack Shack has 4 good videos that covers a lot of info about using this project w/ CoCo's (I watched them a while back) .. 

Yeah it's a cool project.  I suppose it is doing the conversion much like the FPGA RGB2VGA is doing it but doing it in software instead of hardware, and the Pi Zero is just fast enough to do it in real time at least for the frequency and resolutions of these older computers... 


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Has anyone tried the rgbtohdmi found here:


It requires a Pi Zero and a hat and some software on the hat.
I'd like to try this but I have to wait for our local electronics store to
open up (we are still under lockdown in Ontario).
If you've tried this I'd like to know what problems you might have run into
or if you even got it to work.  I've seen retro videos of people using this
successfully on several different machines, though not the coco or coco 3.
This seems like a good solution for the coco 3s high res screens.

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