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Then you passed through Hoosick Falls along art 7...that is where my house is...

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On 4/22/21 11:53 AM, rietveld rietveld wrote:
> Hi.  I have a house in Myrtle Beach, about 45 mins north of Charleston, but I wont be back down there til the late summer time.   If you take it down there I can hall it back to my place and spread it out at TA and Cocofest as I will be attending both.
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>> We are moving house from upstate New York (close to Albany NY) to Charleston SC around mid May.  I have piles and piles of COCO stuff including monitors, computers, disks, manuals, peripherals, etc and could nearly fill a large van with it.
>> Long story short...I have no time to sell anything g or ship it here or there as I currently live in Charleston already (started a franchised coffee shop) and will be moving my family down after we close on our house sale next week.
>> I DO NOT want all this stuff lost to history and looking for someone who would haul it away fir the good of the community.  Would be a great haul for Glenside for use in an upcoming COCOFest auction as well.
>> Reach out to tjseagrove at yahoo dot com if you would like to haul this away.
>> Thanks,
>> Tom
> I'll defer to a list member in the area that has interest in this, but
> barring that, I will work to secure pickup of the items on behalf of
> Glenside.
> Tom, thanks for thinking of us.
> Jim

He could drop it off at my house which he will pass by  on his may
down south.  Unless he chooses a strange route he will pass within
2 miles of me.

(I know this because before COVID I used to drive thru Albany
several times a year on my way to Vermont.)

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