[Coco] Help with Nitros9 on SDC?

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Tue Apr 13 09:29:20 EDT 2021

I just downloaded that image to my COCOSDC and using my CoCo3 512k 6309 unit, the 6809 file booted correctly.

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  On Tue, Apr 13, 2021 at 7:24 AM, Don Barber<don at dgb3.net> wrote:   I have not modified the image.

I downloaded it from 

The md5sum of the image is e9970d83991c7aebd5941527637a1930. I confirmed 
these match on a fresh download of the zip and what is written on my sdcard.



On 4/12/21 11:30 PM, L. Curtis Boyle wrote:
> Looking at the boot screen, it looks like KrnP2 is missing from the OS9Boot file (and it’s absolutely required). KrnP3 (which is optional) is still there, but KrnP2 *has* to be  in the boot; it’s part 2 of the main memory handling core of NitrOS-9 itself.
> Did you modify the boot at some point?
> L. Curtis Boyle
> curtisboyle at sasktel.net
>> On Apr 12, 2021, at 5:23 PM, don at dgb3.net wrote:

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