[Coco] Help with Nitros9 on SDC?

Don Barber don at dgb3.net
Sun Apr 11 14:51:08 EDT 2021

Hi Curtis, thanks for the response.

I've tried both. Have just confirmed the same behavior direct on the 
coco's cartridge port.



On 4/11/21 2:11 PM, L. Curtis Boyle wrote:
> On Apr 11, 2021, at 8:03 AM, Don Barber <don at dgb3.net> wrote:
>> Hi folks, me again. Three things I was hoping for help with:
> […]
>> 3)
>> Due to my frustrations with stock NOS9 and the SDC, I thought I'd try to use EOU to see if it played better with the SDC. So I downloaded EOU beta 6.0.1...and get a fail on boot. I'm using the 68SDC.VHD image. It loops through the modules and after ...'Clock Clock2 it*j' it stops and says 'FAILED'. I am running in a 512K coco3 with 6809. Thoughts?
> Concerning this one - are you running an SDC straight out the cartridge port, or through a multi-pak (or one of the modern equivalents)? There was a bug with detecting the SDC in certain slots of the multi-paks, which I thought we had fixed in 6.0.1.
> I assume, of course, that you have mounted the VHD in Drive 0 on the SDC.

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