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A CoCo3 will be in all RAM mode so you will see Super Extended Basic code. If you want to look just at the ROM content, you will need to add a POKE to force RAM/ROM mode.
If you look at the CC3 service manual, you will find the needed POKE which I think is $FFDE.If you look at the Unravelled series in the SEB section, you will find that there is ROM code at $C000 which runs at power on which patches all ROMs for the CC3.In addition to the patch code, there is also the "easter egg" picture of the three programmers.
So poke for ROM mode and look at memory from $C000-$DFFF and you will see mostly a single solid color.

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  On Tue, Apr 6, 2021 at 3:57 PM, Melanie and John Mark Mobley<johnmarkmelanie at gmail.com> wrote:   All,

It is a real CoCo3 with 512k of Static RAM.
I was expecting $00 or $FF.

-John Mark Mobley

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What you see will depend on the amount of memory in the CoCo and whether it
is a CoCo3 or earlier model.With a CoCo3, you will see Super Extended Basic.
With earlier models having 64k memory, you will see raw RAM in all RAM mode.
In RAM/ROM mode and/or less than 64k, there won't be anything to see.I'm not
sure, but with no memory I think your program will "see" $FF ie. 255.
What did you expect to see?

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