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For me part of the convenience would be to have x0 to x3 as standard
drive wire disks ie: cyl=400 sid=1 and x4 to x7 other custom dmodes
to match nonstandard virtual disks.

One question in Vcc Startup kit where on the C: drive is the virtual 
drive placed ?

On 2021-03-07 09:41, Bill Pierce via Coco wrote:
> Robert, why not?
> My answer would be convenience. I have VHDs with nothing but sources
> for programming, VHDs for nothing but graphics, one for music, several
> for archives, one just for all the C compilers and their sources &
> utilities, and I even have drives of the entire NitrOS9 repository
> sources. In fact I have a whole directory full of various VHDs on my
> PC, each set up for a specific purpose. Not only that, I have several
> instances of VCC, each setup for specific purposes and each with it's
> own instance of DW4 and collection of drives. At any given time I may
> have 3 instances going at once. Why? Because I can.
> I actually started the 8 drive habit back when I was running my real
> Coco3. All my floppy drives had died, so I had no real floppies. I
> extended the DW4 drives to 8 and used 4 of them for floppy disk
> images. I eventually got used to having all my data and files one CHD
> away and I enjoy that I can look up about any info or file without
> searching through my 128 gig collection of Coco
> software/documentation. When I boot up NitrOS9 (real or emulated), my
> system is ready to go no matter what I want to do today, be it
> programming, graphics, music... it doesn't matter. It's all online and
> I don't have to go through my DSK/VHD collection to setup my working
> environment for the day. It's just there and it "just works".
> I'm just as bad on my PC as I have multiple hard drives & partitions
> and I just ordered 2x 4TB drives this weekend to add to my collection.
> Inspiration is a fleeting demon. If I spend time setting up for what
> inspired me, by the time I get things ready, I lose the inspiration
> that fired me up to start with.
> I also run my studio the same way. When I start my day, I hit only a
> few switches and everything in my studio is on and ready to use. Do I
> need 2 guitar amps on with guitars already plugged in? Do I need the
> mixing console and my sound system on? Do I need my keyboards on?
> Maybe not, but when the inspiration hits, all I have to do is pick up
> a guitar, turn up the volume, and play. If I want to record, I hit
> record and play.
> Maybe it's a bit of self-indulgence, but I like me and I will cater to
> me as much as I can... even when it comes to my Cocos.
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> I just looked at the source code and rbdw defines the number of drives
> at the start of the code.
> The question I have is why the need for more than /X0 - /X3 ? You can
> easily change the drives mounted in Drivewire while OS9 is running.
> You can mount .vhd drives on Drivewire so space on the drives should
> not be an issue.I think the reason that Drivewire has 256 drives is to
> make it compatible with HDBDOS which is unrelated to OS9.
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