[Coco] GIME

Andrew keeper63 at cox.net
Sun Sep 20 22:51:35 EDT 2020

I've always personally pronounced both with a hard "G". I can't recall 
what the letters for GIME stand for, but I'm pretty sure, like GIF, the 
"G" is for "Graphics" (and I am pretty certain the "M" is for "Memory").

I think maybe the whole thing may be (without looking it up - I'm sure 
it's defined somewhere) something like "Graphics Interface and Memory 
Expander" - or something similar.

Anyhow - back to the hard "G" thing: I've always said it that way for 
both, because that's the way the letter is sounded for the word it 
stands for. You don't say "jrafics" with a "J" sound - you say 
"graphics" with a hard "G" sound.

But I suppose it is all arbitrary - and I still don't understand the 
reasoning behind the creator of the GIF format; part of me thinks it's 
all an early trolling attempt to get people riled up. I guess he was 
successful at that!

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> I've been watching the many YouTubers doing the #septandy videos this month
> and came across one that startled me.  In the video the person mentions the
> GIME chip but pronounced it "jime", like dime with a j instead of a d.
> I've always pronounced it like "gimmee".  Have I been wrong all these years?

Andrew L. Ayers
Glendale, Arizona

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