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Mark Marlette mmarlette at frontiernet.net
Wed Sep 16 09:17:20 EDT 2020


SuperDriver supported ATAPI when we defined it. Boisy implemented it and I tested it. Pretty sure that was on a 3M SuperDisk platform but shouldn't matter.

Pretty sure I still have the test setup in collection.

So yes, it should work. At least it did before being released to PD.

Do you have a Zip 100 SCSI? I believe I have one of those as well as with a Jaz 1GB that we tested the driver on.

Need to get that set back up again. Have my OSK boxes all setup now. They have various interfaces between them.


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On Tuesday, September 15, 2020, 08:29:38 PM CDT, rietveld rietveld <rietveldh at hotmail.com> wrote: 


My zip drive just died (click of death).  I am looking for a replacement  .  Mine was the zip100ide non atapi.  All i see are atapi zips.  Will they work?  or do I need another non atapi?

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