[Coco] New game out: OMNISTAR

Rick Adams rick at rickadams.org
Fri Sep 11 17:31:02 EDT 2020


*A game for your Tandy Color Computer 3 and RGB monitor.*


It is the year 2525 and the worldwide intrusive surveillance net 
OMNISTAR encircles the globe with satellites in orbit around 20 of the 
world's most prominent cities.

You are a promising hacker, hired by the resistance, who are hoping you 
will be able to take down the OMNISTAR where others have failed. It is 
rumored there is a secret message waiting for the one who succeeds.

But how to start? There is a login prompt, but no information on what 
accounts are valid. You'll have to guess! Once you get in, there are 
programs left on the various nodes of the OMNISTAR by previous attempts, 
but no information on what each of them does. Will they help you on your 
quest, or hinder you?

A member of the resistance has been assigned to each node to monitor 
your progress and help whenever they can.

The goal is to damage the OMNISTAR so that SYSTEM STATUS is 0%.

But if you are attacked such that USER STATUS goes to 0%, game over!

Each of the nodes and programs also has a percentage, and once that 
percentage goes to zero, they will not operate.

You will see automated processes moving from node to node, in service to 
the OMNISTAR. They are MILBOTs, MEDBOTS, and SPYBOTs... what do each of 
these do? The names may provide a clue. And they have percentages too, 
so can you knock those down?

Good luck!

PS: Any similarity to the name of a certain large corporation is purely 

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