[Coco] Created Audio Cable

coco at jechar.ca coco at jechar.ca
Mon Oct 26 09:21:02 EDT 2020

I forget the brand now but there was a company that made educational 
programs for the coco that used that feature extensively.

On 2020-10-25 17:49, Rick Ulland wrote:
> Nice work, new cables FTW.
> Some background? On ye olden cassette recorders, the remote was
> traditionally a 2.5 mm(ish) jack connected to a switch on the
> microphone. The only CoCo use case I can think of (outside a cassette
> based word processing or database program) would be a few video games
> that play audio files from the tape during play.
> But it is a standard and CoCo does it properly with a floating switch
> (relay) closure not some brand specific solution. My Zoom H2N recorder
> has a remote jack, works fine. So it's safe to misuse if you think up
> a reason.
> Some old guy
> -ricku
> CoNect
> On 10/25/20 12:37 PM, Joel Dare wrote:
>>> Is there a reason you didn't have in the remote plug as well?
>> I left it off because I don't know of any tape recorders, besides 
>> those
>> original Tandy models, that have the remote input. I don't have an 
>> actual
>> cassette recorder and haven't seen one in many years. I intend to use 
>> the
>> audio cable with a modern digital audio recorder that I have. I'll 
>> have to
>> press play and record manually, of course.
>> Here's a picture of it in action with a modern digital audio recorder.

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