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Assuming that there is nothing actually * limiting * you to the 2TB partition size, you * should * be able to adjust this in Disk Manager (a GUI disk utility built into Windows)

In Disk Manager:

Rt click the partition you want to get rid of and delete it
Rt click the primary partition and extend it to the full size of the drive.

NATURALLY, you will want to make sure that you are all backed up first, in case poo hits fan. It usually doesn't, but you never know. If the system won't let you extend the partition, then there is a technica limitation that is enforcing the 2 TB limit, and you will need to reinstall from scratch to overcome it (assuming you CAN overcome it).

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Hi guys I know this is off-topic but didn’t know who else to ask I just had my Windows 7 PC fixed with a brand new 4 TB hard drive put in it with Windows 7 ultimate when I got back my PC under properties of a hard drive it showing capacity 1.97 available hard drive space how can I get back the rest of my hard drive space the other 2 TB apparently they put a partition on it I believe is there any way of taking off the partition where I can get the whole 4 TB access again thanks I appreciate all your help

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