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Bill Pierce ooogalapasooo at aol.com
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Tim, I looked through my notes and what I have on the SS Stereo Pak was what I found in Lester's sources for Lyra's "TV Play" and Musica's SSPak options. Basically the code was the same in each one.
There is a "setup" routine to set the unit to "ready for data", that is done once, before interrupts are blocked and sound loop starts

* Set up Speech Systems Stereo Paksspkon clr >$FF71 clr >$FF73 lda #$FF sta >$FF70 sta >$FF72 lda #$04 sta >$FF71 sta >$FF73

After this routine is run, then "supposedly" you can go into the data loop just like Orch90 and write to $FF70 & $FF72.
The Orc90 needs no setup, you just write to $FF7A & $FF7B. That I know works.
Other than the setup and port addresses, both can use the same sound loop.

If you run OS9 L2, I have a cmd line Musica player that has the SSPak option, but I never had one of the units to test it. It will play Musica files under OS9 using the DAC, Orch90 or SSPak.
If you need it, I can send it to you along with the sources (OS9 asm) and you can try it.

Hope this helps

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I'm looking for information on this pak. My information says the left
DAC is on $FF70 and the right DAC is $FF72.

But apparently it also uses $FF71 and $FF73 for something.

Does anyone know what for?

tim lindner

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