[Coco] Programming for DriveWire (Advanced)

William Carlin whcarlinjr at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 20:52:17 EDT 2020

Bill Pierce and other DriveWire 4 gurus,

I have a few questions about programming for DriveWire in C.

Is it possible to have DriveWire 4 check if a file exists and if it does,
get the last modified date/time and the file length as defined in the
Apache Commons specifications for the Class FileEntry.  I want to be able
to point DriveWire 4 at a remote file system (CIFS, HTTP, or FTP),
determine if a file exists, and get the last modified date/time and the
length of the file.

I have noticed in MShell when viewing an OS9 RBF file system the
create/last modified dates and file size are listed in the file details
section at the bottom of the window.  However, when viewing the PC file
system those details are not present.  I was wondering if those details
were not yet implemented in MShell or if the details cannot be obtained by
the current DriveWire protocol.

Link to the Apache Commons Library Specification:

As always, thank you for your help and thank you for creating and sharing
MShell with the community,

William Carlin

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