[Coco] Large file deletion fails on NitrOS9/6309

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Thu May 28 09:06:28 EDT 2020


Your problem may not be as straight forward as you think. I ran a test with MESS 0.158 and VCC on a 
file with 5,958,126 bytes and was able to delete it without any problems. The disk used was a .vhd 
with $5,A000 OS-9 sectors. However, there was one small catch. :)

The first time I tried to delete the file using MESS, the system froze. After rebooting, I was able 
to delete the file. I then did a DCHECK of the .vhd and found MANY clusters were in the map but not 
in the file structure.
After correcting the allocation map, I was able to repeatably put the file back on the .vhd and then 
delete it without any problem.

So it may be there is a problem with a system file like ioman or it may be that your disks had 
problems unrelated to file size that caused DEL to fail for you. Why don't you try doing a dcheck on 
a disk, copy your cococ.ar file to that disk, and then try to delete it. See if you still get the 


Jeff Teunissen wrote:
> Deleting files that cross a $x000 cluster boundary seems to be broken in
> the latest NitrOS9, and probably has been for a very long time.
> I have an uncompressed .ar file, 'cococ.ar', that's about 3 megabytes in
> size. I use it to move up-to-date C source code from my Linux system to my
> virtual CoCo hard disks. When I delete the archive from the disk, the
> system mostly locks up -- that is, the "delete" command never finishes and
> no programs can be run, though things like CLEAR to change windows still
> function normally.
> When I issue the command "del cococ.ar", the directory entry is marked
> deleted as expected, and the allocation map is updated...but it seems to
> stop updating the disk allocation map at the next $x000 cluster boundary.
> On the disk, the file starts at cluster $189C and goes all the way to
> cluster $5A80, and is referenced in LSNs 4-12. The deletion succeeds up to
> the end of LSN 4, which describes clusters $1800-$1FFF, and then nothing
> further works.

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