[Coco] HDB-DOS Question

Jeff Teunissen deek at d2dc.net
Thu May 14 05:27:54 EDT 2020

On Thu, May 14, 2020 at 3:42 AM Gene Heskett <gheskett at shentel.net> wrote:
> On Thursday 14 May 2020 00:22:30 tonym wrote:
> > Anyone know how to pull the "offset" you entered when creating a
> > drive?
> >
> > Years ago, I setup a Glenside IDE with a 512MB CF card, and generated
> > the HDBDOS ROM file, which I flashed to my SDC. Can't find the
> > paperwork where I wrote the information down, but I think I still have
> > the .DSK image I used when generating.
> >
> > Is there a peek() I can do while under the HDB ROM that will give me
> > the offset I used?
> That offset, generally, is the first 3 bytes of the drive, (DD.SIZ in the
> defs) plus 1. Everything beyond that point that is still reachable with
> that 24 bit address limit, is free for rsdos vdisk use.

He wasn't trying to find out the size of the disk, he was trying to
find how big a disk to make to match the offset burned into his
HDB-DOS ROM. That information can only be gotten by reading the ROM

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