[Coco] Selling my whole coco collection ( long email)

Benoit Bleau benbleau at gmail.com
Wed May 13 08:39:23 EDT 2020

Hello Cocoers,

My coco collection got way out of hands and circumstances are making it
impossible for me to hold on to it.  As you will see, the huge amount of
stuff I have won't fit in a small 1 bedroom apartment.

I have decided to sell everything.   I am keeping my first coco 1 E, but
everything else has to go. I'm sure that someone on this team will
appreciate it.

I want to sell it in one go, and I think the price I'm asking will be more
than fair.`
Since this is a huge lot, I do not have the time or the energy to sell it
in pieces.   I'm willing to deliver it 100 miles around Montreal, QC.

I started to make an inventory but when it came to small stuff, I ran out
of juice.

Here's the list of things in the collection:
The computers:   over 25 of them

Coco30 x 7  some working, some not, one with 6309
Coco2 x 6 + 1 melted keyb + 1 new in box   total 8
Coco Gray x 3
Coco White  x 1
MC coco x  4 + 1 in box,   5 x 16k ram pak, no foam
Tano Dragon 64 2 new in box
Timex Sinclair  x1 1x16k ram modukle 1016
Commodore 64C x 1 Barely used, but yellowed
Vic 20 x  1 unknown condition

200 Program paks,  120 different paks ,  80 duplicates some with variations
on the label. 18 in boxes.
25 or so booklets.
2 PAK organisers , one with the lid.

Floppy drives:
FD 501 in box
FD 502 in box
26-3022 in box ( original 35 tracks drive)
13 enclosures with 1 or 2 drives,  some with 800kb, 1.2mb, 3.5 drives.
IDE ZIP drive , compatible with Cloud9 super IDE

Disk Controllers:
2 26-3029
2 26-3022
2 26-3129
3 FD-500
2 FD-501
1 J & M Systems
2  Disto Mini Controllers
2 DISTO SC II ( the no-halt kind)
1 4-in-1 board for the DISTO controllers ( SCSI, Parallel, serial and clock
1 Glenside IDE interface ( I think) with  pak case
2 original Disto controllers, in white case.
1 FD 26-3029 ( I think)  with no case

2 Cloud9 Super IDE interfaces

Multi paks:
4 x of the big Beige ones.  One has been moded with IRQ lines,  One has LED
on it.  One was modified for coco3 ( can't remember which one)
2 x smaller Tandy multipak that matches the coco2/3 format

3 x  Xpad, one in box, 2 without box.
1 koala touch pad in box,  2 loose.
3 Stereo music synthesizer packs in boxes
1 direct connect modem pak in box
1 Plug'n power applicance light and controller in box
1 trs-80 color mouse in box
2 original joystiks in box

With no box:
1 direct connect modem
5 Radio shack rs-232 packs
2 speech-sound pack
1 Word pak RS
1 CRC RS232 Super pack
1 Intronics Eprom programmer ( the best I think for the coco)
1 TRS-*) modem 1 B
1  Plug'n power applicance light and controller with cassette tapes
1 Roy Justus Coco3 to VGA interface ( I think  it's the first model he

1 Spectrum PAL switcher for the Multipak
1 LowerKit  from Denis.

1 DMP 105
1 Lineprinter VIII in box
1  CGP-115  plus paper
1 Star NX-10

Joysticks and mice and interfaces
6 deluxe joystiks ( 2 need repairs)
1 3rd party joystik  ( Commander deluxe)
over 10 black original , some in need of repair
2 beige 2 button mice with Hires interfaces
2 separate hires interfaces
1 home made cocomax interface ( not sure if cocomax 2 or 3)

2 Cassette tapes

a few 68B09EP
a few 63C08EP
MC6821 and MC6822
One ceramic SAM chip MC6883
One Video chip mc6884

Software on Disc:
The Color Computer Artist
Tandy Home Publisher
Ghama Bwana
Zone Runner
The miscropic mission
Rescue on Fractalus
King's Quest III
Carmen Sandiego

OS9 :
OS9 level 1
OS9 level 1.1
OS-9 C compiler
2 xDeskmate 3 unsealed
1 Deskmate 3 opened

OS-9 level 2
OS-9 development system
OS-9 level 2 Multivue

There is a full box of coco cassettes from tape magazines.

I believe I have the full run of Rainbow magazines.  The first issues might
be photocopies, though.
A good deal of the Hot Coco magazines, and color computer news.

I have the full Rainbon on disk collection

There are probably 1000 5 1/4 disks. In that , there are a few original
software disks.

There is a big box of mixed wires of all kinds; cassette, printer, video,

If I recall, in there was about 6' x 6'x 6'  of boxes that I opened. It's a
big lot.

For all of that, I'm asking 1000$  canadian.

I can provide photos if you want.

Benoit Bleau.

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