[Coco] SDC, YA-DOS & Ron's VHD Image

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Depends what you are looking for Ya-Dos to do

If you are simply looking to run Ron's VHD image then you don't need to do anything other that RUN @2.       Ya-Dos will auto mount the VHD. (as long as it's on the sd card).   So after doing a RUN @2 the coco will reboot to Ya-Dos. Now just type DRIVE, xxxx.   Where xxxx is any disk (1-3000). Then type DIR to see its contents.   The DRIVE, xxxx mounts that disk in drive 0.

If you are using YA-DOS to replace your existing DOS (sdc or RsDOS) then you need to assign your hardware to the DRIVE.    If your SDC is in slot 2 of your mpi then you would type DRIVE I 0,3,1.   Then mount it with a DRIVE M 0,0

But again if your goal is to keep using the SDC with SDC-DOS then you only need to RUN at 2 followed by DRIVE, xxxx.     DIR.     Then you can LOAD (M) as you would normally from any drive 0
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YA-DOS 0/5a HAS BEEN FLASHED to a bank in the SDC (Bank #2)

When I try it manually or with your simple (2-line) program, I assume I
still need a SYSCONFG.BAS file with the Drive I and Drive M commands?

What my commands are: DRIVE I 0,3,0  and DRIVE M 0,0

So, I still have some questions:

How does YA-DOS recognize the VHD Drive?

Do I also need an AUTOEXEC.BAS file?

What does your AUTOEXEC.BAS and SYSCONFG,BAS files contain?


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