[Coco] Getting back in with CoCo & have a few questions

Rick Ulland rickulland1 at gmail.com
Tue May 12 14:44:07 EDT 2020

I am also a past CoCoNut just getting back into the swing, and I can 
heartily recommend the Ease of Use Edition 'beta 5' for either CPU. 
Check out http://www.lcurtisboyle.com/nitros9/nitros9.html , links below 
the screen shots.

The bootable 'vhd' image not only 'just works' it includes Multivue and 
a slew of OS9 programs. It will also autodetect any physical floppies so 
you can copy old data in from any kind of CoCo floppy drive.

As a former OS9 modder/repackager, I am very impressed.


On 5/12/20 1:21 PM, Stephen Pereira wrote:
> Good afternoon, folks,
> I set aside the CoCo and sold off most of my equipment a couple of years ago.  Now, I am hearing the call again and have been slowly building back up my equipment.   I was able to purchase a good working CoCo 3 on eBay for a good price.  I contacted Ed and purchased an SDC.  I also contacted the folks who make the Switch-A-Roo and purchased one (I also purchased the other bits to get a good display on my system.)   Wow, that Switch-A-Roo interface is the answer to all my display problems!  Very highly recommended for CoCo 3 systems!
> So, here I am with my stock 128K CoCo 3 system, with my SDC.  Everything is running fine.  I contacted Mark at Cloud-9 a week ago and shortly I hope to have a 2MB CoCo 3 with 6309 processor installed coming to me.
> Once I have my upgraded CoCo 3 system with lots of memory operating, I know that I will want to be trying to get back into NitrOS-9.
> Here is my question:  In the pile of DSK images available for NitrOS-9, which one should I use that will properly operate from my SDC?  The 6309 system with 2MB RAM will be the target system.  While I’m waiting for that system to arrive, I suppose I could play around with the 6809 version, to get back into it and become familiar again with the system commands, and how to get things done in NitrOS-9.
> Thanks very much, in advance, for your patience and any pointers that you may be able to offer.
> smp
> - - -
> Stephen Pereira
> Bedford, NH  03110

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