[Coco] Largest sdcard supported by SDC?

Ed Snider zippster278 at gmail.com
Tue May 12 10:38:36 EDT 2020

I would still recommend a 32GB SDHC card (not SDXC) as the max for use in the SDC,
as >32GB cards are SDXC with the native (default) file system as exFAT, which is not supported.

Presuming you can successfully format it FAT32, it will probably work, but to avoid any
potential issues, I'd just stick to 32GB.  As you say, there's not much reason to go larger.

SDHC cards in the 32GB or less range are abundant and cheap.

- Ed

> On May 12, 2020, at 9:21 AM, RETRO Innovations <go4retro at go4retro.com> wrote:
> On 5/12/2020 8:39 AM, Ed Snider wrote:
>> John,
>> It must be an SD or SDHC formatted FAT32 (or FAT16 for small ones), so 32GB is the max.
> In general, this is not true.  On another platform, I offer a similar product, and I tested a 128GB card in it, which worked fine.  As you note, the card must be formatted FAT32, so one must reformat the larger cards (Windows tries to keep one from doing it, but you can do it from the command line, and Linux/MacOS is happy to oblige with standard utilities). But, once formatted with something besides xFAT, they work (assuming the code accessing the FAT filesystem isn't broken in some way, as the FAT32 specification supports sizes up to 2TB).
> I tested the same card with the CoCoSDC.  128GB works fine, in my limited testing.
> (And no, I don't see a logical reason to buy such a large card for any classic platform, as I am not aware of any platform library that large. But, I got tired of people asking for the maximum size the hardware would handle, and lamenting it was *ONLY* 32GB.  Once I tested 128GB and suggested anything larger would also work, those "checkoff" questions disappeared. This suggests to me that no one else was seriously considering using a > 32GB card, but they wanted something to complain about).
> Jim
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