[Coco] Booting Nitros9.

Rick Ulland rickulland1 at gmail.com
Sun May 10 17:29:09 EDT 2020

That's not a problem now? For example the Nitros9 EOU beta 5 image boots 
direct from a 'hard drive' that includes every program ever 
recorded(ish), and can handle a second data drive image, and autodetect 
two physical floppies for 4 drives online.

To avoid setting up drive assignments each startup, put a text file 
'STARTUP.CFG' on the sd card with two lines:

0=name of Nos9 Boot hard drive image
1=optional data drive image

or literally


You still have to type DOS but that sanity check might be handy 


On 5/10/20 8:39 AM, Doug Fraser wrote:
> No, but when i had a Burke n Burke adapter, I had the XT-ROM that boot straight into NitrOS9 without the need for a floppy boot, which is part of my question. Creating a boot rom similar to the XT-ROM for use in the CoCoSDC.
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> On 5/9/20 8:38 PM, Doug Fraser wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> I have a question.  Is it possible to flash a Nitros9 boot kernel to a bank on the CoCoSDC like the Burke n Burke did with the XT-rom?
> I  have another question.  has anyone ever tried running NitrOS9 from a
> ROM?  OS9 was definitely ROMable does the same apply to NitrOS9?
> bill
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