[Coco] YA-DOS-0.5a (and up) compatible HDD image

Ron Klein ron at kdomain.org
Fri May 8 12:07:23 EDT 2020

YA-DOS-0.5a (and up) compatible HDD image for use with the Tandy/Radio
Shack Color Computers

As some of you know, I'm a huge fan of Brett Gordon's YA-DOS and Michael
Furman's pyDriveWire. I wanted to create something to share with the
community that uses both products.

I've created a Coco compatible hard drive image that contains over 3,000
virtual floppy disks. All of the disk images are provided by Guillaume
Major's excellent TRS-80 Color Computer Archive website. Included with the
hard drive image is a PDF document that contains a listing (index) of all
the floppy disk images contained inside the hard drive image.

A teaser video can be found here:


The HDD image can be found here:


In order to use this hard drive image, you will need a copy of the latest
version of YA-DOS (0.5a at the time of this document) which has been
included in this ZIP file. In addition, you will need a working
installation of pyDriveWire.

The HDD image is also compatible with the SuperIDE/Glenside IDE controllers
(CF based), the CoCoSDC (SD card based), CoCo3FPGA (SD card based) and
emulation (MAME & OVCC), but today's release announcement is focused on
using it with pyDriveWire.

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