[Coco] YA-DOS 0.5A Released

Brett Gordon beretta42 at gmail.com
Wed May 6 11:38:48 EDT 2020

Hello All,

I'm pleased to release version .5a of YA-DOS today.  Yados is a DECB 16K
ROM replacement (much like HDBDOS/RGB DOS) for all Color Computers. It's
main feature is that it has disk drivers for many common, modern, devices.
Allowing BASIC scriptable cross-disk copying.

Read about it / download it here:

New features in .5a (not counting a half dozen bug-fixes)

* User selectable boot drivers via keyboard
     - Hold down 0-8 key to boot from a specific driver
* dwprint utility
     - Installs a TSR to redirect BASIC printer #-2 to the Drivewire
* Example loadable driver rs232 pak
     - A programming example of a RAM bases loadable driver
* Limit support for rs232 pak DW as drive no 0
     - DW over a RS232 PACK device (115,2000 bps on CoCo1)
* Elimination of timeout for SDC access
     - Allows older/slower SD card to catch up to huge image lookups
* New "DRIVE, No." command
     - A navigation statement to map a device's partitions to one big giant
     logically numbered collection

Sincerely, Brett

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