[Coco] usb port on a COCO2 guys seen this guys work

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Tue Mar 17 15:56:53 EDT 2020

Thats what i thought at first but i think its more like the old keyboard adapters from Eagle or Cloud9 .  It looks like he is using a Pi  to interface the keyboard(or other USB devices) to the coco's  keyboard connector .  The Pi seems to be converting the input to a "key stroke" that the coco can see.    Everything seems stock except for the pi that is catching the modern input and sending it out to the  coco via the coco's mylar connector.  (just like the ps2 or XT/AT adapter did back in the day)

I may be wrong but that is how i seem to see it working.

I have 13 more days to look at it since i was In South Carolina when the Canadian government locked down the northern boarder and put all out of country residence on a mandatory 14 day quarantine

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On Tue, Mar 17, 2020 at 05:01:25PM +0000, rietveld rietveld wrote:
> https://atariage.com/forums/topic/303537-coco2-usb-port/

Interesting project. But the title should be more like "different
machine stuffed inside a CoCo case with USB port exposed through the
plastic". ;-)

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