[Coco] CoCo <--> Raspberry Pi

James Ross jrosslist at outlook.com
Tue Mar 10 00:57:50 EDT 2020

Of interest as well was the CoCo <--> Raspberry Pi project discussed on the latest CoCoTalk – I caught a good 30 minutes of that conversation on the day.  I went back and listened to that whole section, it starts around the 3 hr mark ...)  Quite interesting, kudos to the dude that is experimenting w/ that.

I wonder how fast you can feed data to the CoCo through the keyboard input, if bypassing the ROM and talking directly to the port in assembler?  

I imagine the Raspberry Pi (possibly only the newer ones 3, 4?) are fast enough to R/W directly to cartridge slot at full double speed 1.79MHz? ... 

- jr

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