[Coco] CoCoFEST! Challenge: CoCo DMA

James Ross jrosslist at outlook.com
Sun Mar 8 20:24:46 EDT 2020

RETRO Innovations wrote:
>>> http://www.go4retro.com/2020/02/26/direct-memory-access-possibilities-on-the-tandy-color-computer/
>> http://www.go4retro.com/2020/02/28/coco-dma-early-efforts/
> http://www.go4retro.com/2020/03/05/coco-dma-fighting-on-the-bus/

What a fantastic project and series of articles. I scanned over them and read bits and pieces. It is quite a bit over my head still, but as time permits; I want to re-read these word for word and see if I can learn more.

I was under the impression that from the CoCo’s cartridge slot only the CoCo1/2 allow DMA to be performed, not a stock CoCo3? I got that from the time that John Kowalski was on CoCoTalk and he was talking about a cart he had designed (or was designing) which was quite interesting. 

- JR

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