[Coco] NitrOS9/BASIC09 equivalent SOUND and PLAY Commands

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Ah. Thank you. That will certainly do everything I had in mind. Again, not really needing a full music suite here<g>.

So, when I try to get a 'tone' using the below method, I get an ERROR 48 - Unimplemented Routine.
A look at the wiki does not show "tone" under the Basic09 GFX2 section.  The GFX2 module I currently have loaded and examined via IDENT has a CRC=$9FB6EA. What CRC should I be seeing?

I'm using a emulated hybrid system combined from CoCoPie3, Bill Pierce's 6309 Starter kit, and many of my files/cmds from builds 0326 & 0328 on my PC using the latest Drivewire.   

The primary vhd I'm using is called DX-X0 NitrOS9 3.3.0 VCC 6309 Becker EMUDsk Boot ofs-5A000.vhd. and I am pretty sure that I did not overwrite something important just by copying over help files and game directories from the other vhds.

I understand that there are routine builds of Nitros9 EOU, but I am a little fuzzy on how I can get the most recent build into my virtual HDs.

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SS.Tone (A SetStat call) can be called from BASIC09 with Syscall. If you are running the current NitrOS9 EOU, the GFX2 package also includes ‘Tone’, which will let you play a single not (ex. RUN gfx2(“Tone”,100,6,60), which lets you pick frequency, duration and volume).

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