[Coco] MAME 0.222 packages available for CoCo-Pi

Ron Klein ron at kdomain.org
Sat Jun 27 17:51:32 EDT 2020

Latest MAME (0.222) has been packaged up and ready for updating on your

Raspberry Pi 3:

Raspberry Pi 4:

Lots of updates for the Coco / MC-10, thanks to Tim Lindner, including
adding MCX-128 support to the MC-10 driver.

Matra & Hachette Alice with MCX-128 [Tim Lindner]
Tandy Radio Shack MCX-128 [Tim Lindner]
- 6620: bus/coco: Fixed loading for CoCo cartridges that are smaller than
16KiB. [Tim Lindner]
- 6621: coco12.cpp: Disabled Becker Port by default (it conflicts with
cartridge devices). [Tim Lindner]
- 6630: coco3.cpp: Enabled Becker Port by default for coco3dw1. [Tim
- 6632: bus/coco: Added Disto no-halt caching disk controller. [Tim Lindner]
- 6633: coco3.cpp: Fixed jostick button labels. [Tim Lindner]
- 6634: diimage.cpp: Removed colon from path separator characters. [Tim
- 6645: cpu/m6809: Made $10, $20 an illegal instruction on for the HD6309
family. [Tim Lindner]
- 6651: cpu/m6809: Corrected illegal branch form for HD6309 family. [Tim
- 6664: bus/coco: Added Disto RAM cartridge. [Tim Lindner]
- 6665: dragon.cpp: Connected an RS-232 port to the ACIA. [Tim Lindner]
- 6705: imgtool: Added Dragon DOS module. [Tim Lindner]
- 6709: video/gime.cpp: Fixed 0xFExx memory accesses when in ROM mode
(fixes CoCo cartridges). [Tim Lindner]
- 6747: mc10.cpp: Added MCX-128 and Alice with MCX-128 machines. [Tim
- 6812: ioport.cpp: Added support for programmatically setting analog input
values (e.g. from Lua scripts). [Tim Lindner]

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