[Coco] Coco-3 returned from the dead.

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at qsl.net
Thu Jul 30 20:53:48 EDT 2020

This weeks side project.

My TL866 II Universal programmer arrived, and it came with an extractor 
tool for devices like the GIME.

I used it to pull the chip, clean the contacts, and when I put it back 
in, the COCO came back to life.

The next problem was the damage that the movers did to the case.

I used a sharp knife to smooth down the raised parts and used JB-WELD to 
fill in the remaining holes.

Then I painted it.

Not a perfect job, but I think it is a lot better when I started.

I used Rustoleum 2X Ultra Cover Semi-Gloss White which claims that it 
bonds to plastic.  I made no attempt to match the color to the original.

I painted it on Monday, and it feels like the paint has not completely 
dried yet.

Pictures of before and after:


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