[Coco] Modern video options for CoCos?

Rick Ulland rickulland1 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 12 10:32:30 EDT 2020

If you go to eBay and search 'rf modulator video converter' there will 
be tons of them for $15 - $20. I know, because I (conect2020)  have 
several listed.
This will split your ch3/4 output into composite video (sometimes 
S-video as well) and standard RCA audio jacks.


On 7/11/20 10:27 PM, Rich Carreiro wrote:
> I'd like to get a couple of my CoCos out of their many, many
> year storage and start using them.  However, the only monitors
> I have are LCD flat panels.
> One is a new Dell U2718Q which only has HDMI, DisplayPort, and MiniDisplayPort.
> The other is a many-years-old Dell 2001FP which has DVI, VGA, S-Video,
> and Composite.
> The CoCos I'm interested in using are a CoCo 2 and a CoCo 3.
> What are my options for connecting them to either monitor?
> And am I correct in assuming that none of these options will allow
> for the artifact colors?
> Finally, what are my sound options? As I recall (like I said, it's been
> a really lonnnnng time) the CoCo2 has the sound as part of the signal
> that comes out of the jack that you used to connect to the "TV/game"
> box that I'd attach to the TV's antenna terminals BITD.  And I guess the
> CoCo3 also/instead has an actual audio output of some sort?  So I guess
> for the CoCo3 I could connect something to that audio output?  But what
> can I do for the CoCo2?
> Thanks!

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