[Coco] ANNOUNCE: CoCoFEST! Challenge

John W. Linville linville at tuxdriver.com
Wed Jan 29 14:17:02 EST 2020

CoCoFEST! is coming...what have you got to show? Or to talk about?? Or
to demonstrate your retro awesomeness???

I've been to a lot of retro events like CoCoFEST!, and the ones that
were the most enjoyable were the ones where I had something to show
-- a focal point to discuss my place in the retro world. If you don't
already have that for this year, then now is your chance. The CoCo Crew
is sponsoring a contest for those that want some CoCo-related activity
as a warm-up to CoCoFEST!, and we are offering a very special prize...

I used to sponsor something known as the RetroChallenge
(http://www.retrochallenge.org). Those events run for a month at a
time, during which retro geeks from around the world participate in
self-chosen retro activities related to their retro computing hobby
interests. Participants document their projects while in-progress,
usually with blog entries or videos. Judges tend to pick the most
well documented projects as winners, with bonus points for humor and
technical achievement. CoCoFEST! Challenge is intended to be like
RetroChallenge, but CoCo-specific.

CoCoFEST! Challenge -- proposal

	- contestants describe their project objectives by a post to
	The CoCo Crew Podcast page on Facebook, or with an email to
	the coco at maltedmedia.com mailing list

	- the contest will start on February 15, 2020 and end at
	midnight US Central Daylight Time on April 1, 2020 -- from
	Valentine's Day through April Fool's Day

	- entries will be judged on the basis of how well documented
	and how overall entertaining they are (note that silliness and
	"slapstick" are strongly discouraged)

	- judging will be done by the 5 regular hosts of The CoCo
	Crew Podcast (John Linville, Neil Blanchard, Mike Rowen,
	Boisy Pitre, and Ron Klein)

CoCoFEST! Challenge -- projects

	- projects should be obviously CoCo-related, but need not be
	technical (e.g. making dust covers for an MPI would qualify)

	- projects should be both started and completed during the
	contest (with some leeway at the judges' discretion)

	- projects should be documented publicly (e.g. on a blog,
	YouTube, etc) with at least one update after announcing the
	project and before the end of the contest

	- objectives can be added or removed during the contest,
	but the reasoning for such changes should be documented

	- project updates should be publicized, either through The
	CoCo Crew Podcast page on Facebook, or with an email to the
	coco at maltedmedia.com mailing list

The winner of the CoCoFEST! Challenge will be invited to join the
judges for a very special pre-CoCoFEST! dinner. Location to be decided
later, but I assure you that it'll be someplace nice. :-)


So, are you ready for a challenge?

John W. Linville		Someday the world will need a hero, and you
linville at tuxdriver.com			might be all we have.  Be ready.

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