[Coco] C Compiler on NITROS-9 L1

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On Thursday 23 January 2020 18:39:02 pfitchjr at bellsouth.net wrote:

> I thought the C and assembler in the Dev Pack came straight from the
> Level I OS-9, just recompiled. Or maybe not even that, just
> repackaged, price increased, and resold for Level II.
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> I may be remembering incorrectly, but I believe the C compiler
> required a level 2 system (ie >64K RAM) to run. It’s resulting
> programs could run under level 1, but not the compiler itself.
> > On Jan 23, 2020, at 12:52 PM, Blair Leduc <bleduc at outlook.com>
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> >
> > Has anyone been able to use the C compiler on NITROS-9 Level 1 with
> > CoCoVGA and a CoCoSDC?

I don't recall that, but I do recall having to exit the 51 column screen 
to compile something on level 1 with it.

However the shortage of ram did make me write my longest running 
application in basic09, used several times a day for 14 years while we 
owned KTLA's old Grass Valley Group 300-3AB production video switcher at 
at WDTV. That switcher had a huge bag of tricks, so each of our tech 
directors could program it with his personal tricks.  GVG wanted $20,000 
for that accessory.  But the used gear peddler didn't give it to us but 
did include a copy of the protocol and interface manual. I looked at 
that, and RB had just published The Forgotten Chip showing how to add a 
hardware UART to an old level one coco, so I sat down in between  normal 
work and wrote my own version of that E-Disk in basic09. I even got 
familiar enough with how it worked that I often wrote shorter things to 
reach into the logic in it and troubleshoot down to the chip level when 
there had been a failure. When I retired, my replacement couldn't keep 
it going so they've bought 3 or 4 much simpler replacements since in the 
going on 18 years since. But they've now gone digital.  Which meant they 
had to vacate the old control room and build it all new elsewhere in 
that huge building. 

> > I used Allen’s instructions to build NITROS-9 on my MacBook and I
> > stripped everything out that I did not need to reduce memory but I
> > still get out of memory errors when I try to compile the line.c
> > sample.
> >
> > cc1 line.c -f=line
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Blair.
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