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Let's turn this back into a coco topic

is 4 the maximum number of physical drives a coco can have, or has someone ever  patched a DOS  to allow for the use of more drives?

It seems that if HDB-DOS (RGB dos) allows 0-255 in the way of a harddrive then maybe something similar can be done with 4 double sided physical drives (0-7)?

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On 1/21/2020 7:48 PM, rietveld rietveld wrote:
> My C64 setup https://imgur.com/gallery/6GlBEI6

Let the flame wars about CoCo versus Commodore commence... now!

Off-topicness aside, I appreciate the pic.

Not that you're guilty of this, and to make this a bit more on-topic,
but my teenage self always was so annoyed when they would put computers
in films in the 1980s that were showing some unbelievable content on the
monitor and the keyboard never had any wires connected to it.  Like all
of our 80's micro computers were "wireless".  Oh, how I wish they had been!

Note: For the record, the Commodore cannot support so may drives at one
time (Sorry, David Ladd :-). The CBM serial bus  (think I2C bus, but
less byte oriented) was an open collector design, with pullup resistors
on each device.  As such, after 4 devices (printers, drives, etc.), the
bus was pulled high with such force that the drivers could not pull it
low.  4 was the comfy max, with 5 devices possible on a good day :-).

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