[Coco] The 'New Yahoo Group'

Michael Kline klinems at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 1 10:29:48 EST 2020

I really don't see a need for another group. It's like spreading 
ourselves very thin. Too many places to monitor. I primarily use 
CoCo/MaltedMedia, I check FB for media content and of course; the CoCo 
Archive. If there would be a site that would replace Facebook, I would 
dump Facebook.

Michael Kline


On 01/01/2020 09:02, Carlos Camacho wrote:
> Thank you Dennis for stating this mailing list isn't going anywhere. I too
> read these messages and it sounded like people were abandoning ship.
> I fully understand Yahoo Groups shutting down, and I've archived all data
> and messages of over 20 retro groups.
> Now I'd like to ask, for the CoCo community, what is the point to setup a
> IO.Groups account? For discussions, we have this mailing list, and Facebook
> Group. For files, we have the CoCo Archives. For polls, we have Facebook
> Group. (I get some folks don't want to be on Facebook.) There's also an
> active Discourse (spell?) group.
> For other retro platforms, they don't have the many active and rich
> communities that the CoCo has, thus I see the need for IO.Groups (spell?)
> Hate to go non-CoCo talk, but just asking as I couldn't understand the need
> for that group for this community. What am I missing?
> Thanks for any insight.
> And as we say in Japan on January 1st...
> Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu. (Happy New Year.) Kotoshi mo Yoroshiku
> Onegaishimasu. (Please be favourable to me this year.)
> Carlos Camacho

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