[Coco] CoCoDEV computer

Salvador Garcia salvadorgarciav at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 24 09:43:59 EST 2020

 That sounds like an interesting dev board! I wouldn't mind test driving one of these!

What is your time line? Are you planning on demoing the dev board or doing a presentation at CoCoFEST!?

Thanks, Salvador

    On Sunday, February 23, 2020, 03:53:39 PM CST, Dave Philipsen <dave at davebiz.com> wrote:  
 No, it’s designed to be more of a development board for projects involving relays, LEDs, motors, etc. It does not currently support any gfx modes of the CoCo nor does it support sound. That is not to say that you couldn’t support sound on an expansion board. There is also a possibility that I may add either a 640x480 or 320x240 mode with 256 colors that would be incompatible with any of the CoCo gfx modes.

It is designed so that you can use many of the tools that you are familiar with, especially under OS9, for development such as C compiler, assembler, Basic09, etc.

Just as an example, you may want to control a robotic arm, an X/Y platform with stepper mortors, an LED strip, some decorative lighting, make a thermostat, precisely read analog voltages, etc. Since it has an I2C port it can be easily interfaced to devices such as these. A generous prototyping area is included on the board for your own personal projects and an optional 10-position pluggable terminal block may be added to bring signals out to the rear of the enclosure in a neat and organized way.

If you’re looking for a fast machine that is compatible with the gfx, sound, playing CoCo games, etc. I would suggest the CoCo3FPGA.



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