[Coco] CoCoDEV computer

Dave Philipsen dave at davebiz.com
Sat Feb 22 02:17:09 EST 2020

Just a little update on a project that I'm working on that is related to 
CoCo3FPGA in that it involves an implementation of a 6809 computer in 
FPGA. This project is not 100% CoCo compatible by a long shot. Rather, 
it's meant to be similar to a CoCo and it can be programmed in the same 
way.  In fact, it uses the Tandy BASIC ROMs to boot into Disk Extended 
Color BASIC and it can also boot NitrOS9 Level 2 with text windows.

Here's a link to some information on it:
Preliminary Wiki information on CoCoDEV 

And a video that briefly demonstrates some of its features:
Demonstration of CoCoDEV with BASIC/NitrOS9 <https://youtu.be/-XeEjg0m-gM>

The board is meant to be a 6809 hobbyist/experimenter board that is 
similar to a CoCo but is designed for expansion so that you can access 
various devices with it such as relays, LEDs, I2C devices, etc.

Dave Philipsen

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